John Pilch

Basketball, 1947-50

John Pilch was considered one of the greatest “big men” in Wyoming athletics’ history and a part of the glory years of the Half-Acre Gym. Recognized as a power player, Pilch became one of the Cowboys’ most prolific rebounders of all time and his team’s leading scorer from 1947-50. In his best year, 1949-50, Pilch averaged 11.5 points per game. Selected as an All-American in 1950, Pilch won admiration throughout his career with his remarkable defensive work and famous hook shot. He was best known however for his rebounding abilities. In 1949, he was considered the best rebounder in the Rocky Mountain region, perhaps even the nation. His coach and fellow Hall of Famer, Ev Shelton believed Pilch was the greatest offensive and defensive rebounder he had ever seen.

Inducted October 1, 1999

Honors and Awards

  • 1950 All-American Selection
  • Wyoming’s leading scorer from 1947-50