1987 WAC Championship Football Team

Under first-year head coach Paul Roach, the 1987 Cowboy football team went 8-0 in the Western Athletic Conference to win the league championship and a berth in the Holiday Bowl. They compiled an overall record of 10-3, including a streak of nine wins in a row. Led by team captains quarterback Craig Burnett, defensive end Jeff Knapton, and linebacker Galand Thaxton, the Cowboys were ranked as high as 21st in the USA Today poll during the year. Craig Burnett passed for 3,131 yards on the year, while running back Gerald Abraham rushed for 1305 yards. Seven Cowboys earned All-Conference honors (wide receiver Anthony Sargent, tight end Bill Hoffman, offensive tackle Tony Kapushion, Abraham, Knapton, Thaxton, and punter Tom Kilpatrick) and Roach was named Coach of the Year. Knapton led the conference in sacks that year, while Thaxton added to his totals as Wyoming’s all-time leader in tackles. Roach was assisted by coaches Gregg Brandon, Greg Brown, Dave Butterfield, Scott Downing, Larry Korpitz, Al Roberts, Joe Tiller, Mark Tommerdahl, and Del Wight.

Front row (left to right): Scott Runyan, Galand Thaxton, Craig Burnett, Keith Jackson, Scott Hanser, Jeff Knapton, Bret Bommer, Pat Arndt, Greg Worker, Bill Hoffman. Second row (left to right): Rich Miller, Lawrence Chavers, Scott Joseph, Freddie Dussett, Anthony Sargent, James Loving, Doug DiVenere, Eric Loftus, Gerald Abraham, Reggie Berry, Chuck Kimbrough, Steve Vana, Shane Scott. Third row (left to right): John Dexter, Mark Foos, Darren Wehrer, Kevin Schitoskey, Tyrone Fittje, Craig Schlichting, Steve Slay, Doug Rigby, David Edeen, Tom Kilpatrick, John Brasee, Ken Crouse, Shaun Kissack. Fourth row (left to right): Christian Galdabini, Mitch Donahue, Steve Roe, Eric Naugle, Willie Wright, Dan Cudworth, Matt O’Brien, Tom Corontzos, Ryan Vowers, Scott Studie, Jon Cogdill, John Egar. Fifth row (left to right): Jim Pennington, Gregg Brown, Scott Gibson, Robert Midgett, Steve Clayton, Eric Hookanson, Jeff Tapp, Grant Salisbury, Eric Worden, Bear Hanousek, Steve Hamilton, Jim Laurie, Trent Greener. Sixth row (left to right): Bryan Mooney, Crandelle Mack, Dave Schutt, Shawn Wehrer, John Walsh, Kyle Dempsey, Jim Scifres, Pat Rabold, Mike Schenbeck, Tony Kapushion, Gaston Gosar, Pete Gosar, Ty Muma, Travis Williams. Seventh row (left to right): Brady Jacobsen, Randy Welniak, Melvin Wells, Brad Quiring, Scott Skavdahl, Justin Byleveld, Herman Robinson, Bobby Fresques, Steve Bena, Gordy Wood, P. J. Wells, Mark Timmer, Rich Martoglio, Carl Bruere, Rich Sauls. Eighth row (left to right): Shawn Wiggins, Chip Watkins, Jim Stringer, Ken Patterson, Tim Campbell, Chuck Koeber, Lee Carter, Jay Daffer, Scott Addison, Steve Addison, Cody Johnson, Darrell Perkins, Andre Rudolph. Ninth row (left to right): Ron Dean, Eric Coleman, Bryan Hudson, Chris Kujawa, Mike Smith, Mark Hardee, Gary Patch, Steve McMillon, Daryl Harris, Peter Gunn, DeWaine Jones. Not pictured: Mike Hill, Mitch Rosebrough, Quentin Skinner, Derrick Spack, Damian Spencer; Equipment Manager Michael “Mad Dog” Aanonsen; and Head Athletic Trainer Bill Lyons.

Inducted August 31, 2018